Monthly Archives: June 2012


Young, bold and brash is she
With not a speck of dirt to be seen
Strutting her iridescent hues by the riverbank
Her beauty reflected on the river’s surface
The water quivers as fish swim
Churning up mud and moving every stone and pebble
But all of this she does not see
She is blind but she is beautiful
She is beautiful but she is blind
How could one blame her
A pathetic fowl heedless of danger
The fowl places her head underwater hoping for a miracle
Then the fowl and fish meet
The fishes cry,
“Tell your teachers to quit their jobs
Their methods seek not depth but death
The suicide of the philosophical.
Tell your father to wear a headscarf
And wear the chains you bear
For his complacency has destroyed your beauty.
Tell your children about the river
It beckons to whoever yearns to see its contents”
Water and earth merge harmoniously
Forming streaks of mud by the river
The fish continue their journey and the bird is gone.